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Due to flooding, the Toronto Island Park - including Centreville - is closed until further notice. According to City of Toronto officials the park will likely remain closed until at least June 30, possibly beyond.

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My heart goes out to all of the residents. I know you will bounce back and be better and stronger than before.

The island is closed until July 31 - at least.

Hello, We are a group of friends planning to go for a trip to Toronto islands on Sunday June 25. i wounder what type of buses you have and how much it will cost us. we will be around 40 to 50 passengers mixed between adults and children. i need you to provide me with a quotation on all the buses options and prices ASAP. Regards

I've been watching Toronto Island from the CN Tower Cam. As I looked at the Hanlan dock and the road just beyond it, I ask myself if I'm looking at asphalt or water covering the asphalt. Looking forward to drying times. Good luck.

Due to flooding, the Toronto Island Park is closed until further notice. According to City of Toronto officials the park will likely remain closed until at least June 30, possily beyond.

Are the islands still flooded?

Hi, I'm thinking about running the Island Girl half marathon in September. What are the chances that the island will be dry and ready for visitors by that time?

When is Toronto Island offcially open?

The Island is flooded right now ! Only service to Ward's Island, much of the Island is not accessible due to high water. Many of the roads are deep in water, deeper than most high topped rubber boots.

We've recently added a few new pages and updated existing content to get ready for the summer!

Yes, there will be a garden tour this year. For more info check the Tours page of this website.

Planning an event for the island, just wondering if there was any paid or public wifi on the island?

Are you having a garden tour of the resident\'s houses this year and if so, when? I went once and loved it. Would like to go again

Guided tours of the Toronto Island Community by longtime residents will begin June 1, 2017. For details,check out our Facebook page Walk Ward's Island or email us at

Hi i was in cenreville island with my family on last sunday , eastern sunday. my daughter left her jacket there and i have been calling the island since monday to ask if they found it,but no reply up to now.

Bike rental is not yet open

Hi, Can bikes be rented during the month of April or is the bike area only open in summer? Thanks!

Hi there, I apologize in advance for the obscurity of this question, but my husband and I are in the process of planning an oceans-themed educational attraction for kids and are on the lookout for 6-10 well-worn lifejackets to use as decor, similar to the ones used on the Toronto Island ferries. I'm wondering if there's any chance that you are getting rid of any and we may be able to take them off your hands? Thank you for any insight you can provide, it's truly appreciated. All the best, -Katie

Can I bring my motorcycle to the Island for the day? How do I go about doing this?

How much does it cost to rent a bike?

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