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The island is perfect to play many sports. You can play tennis (tennis courts are located on Hanlan's Point), play soccer (there is a soccer field on Ward's Island), baseball (there is a baseball diamond on the southwest "corner" of the island), voleyball (beach voleyball nets are set up on the beaches in the summer) or frisbee.

Of course you can also run, jog, walk or ride your bike. Note: motorized bikes aren't allowed.

The large open fields are perfect for yoga or tai-chi and there is even a disc golf course on Ward's Island!

Correction sent to us by an anonymous visitor: Disc golf course is not located on Ward's island rather it is spread between Snake island and Centre island. Let it be known that back in the 60's the City razed many beautiful homes along the boardwalk and all they could replace them with was a disc golf course - A real Toronto tragedy!

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