Information about Toronto Island, ferry schedule, map, park, attractions & more.

Centre Island

Centre island is the island directly across the ferry terminal at the foot of Bay St. It's the most popular island where you can find fountains, the amusement park, a duck pond, a pier and the Franklin Children's Garden and many other attractions. The ferry ride here is 10-15 minutes from the city center ferry terminal.

The first thing you'll notice as you get off the ferry is the ugly concrete building - just walk past that and you'll be fine. There are lockers on the left and an information booth where you can pick up a map of the islands.

What to do on Centre Island?

Most people who visit Centre Island go there to cook something on the barbie, have a family picnic, have fun at Cetnreville Park, visit the zoo, go the beach or just walk around and enjoy some quiet time away from the city. You can grab a pizza by the ferry docks or by the pier - both are Pizza Pizza outlets - or you can eat at one of many other restaurants. The busiest restaurant on Centre Island is the Carousel Cafe.

Centre Island is also home to the Island Public and Natural Sciece school, a water treatment facilty, the Artscape artist retreat and the Gibraltar Lighthouse. The lighthouse is the oldest on the Great Lakes dating back to 1808.

A busy playground and splash pad are next to the Franklin Children's Garden.

Cherry trees

Japanese cherry trees on Centre Island are somewhat new, they were planted in 2011 near the south side of the bridge, near the fountain. Cherry trees - this Japanese variety is also known as Sakura - bloom in April or May (depending on weather) and blooming lasts for only one or two weeks. You can find more information about cherry tree blooming on the High Park Toronto website including expected blooming dates every year and pictures.

Olympic Island

You can get to the the Olympic Island via a bridge that is just east of the ferry terminal or another bridge that is by the swan ride at the amusement park. The best view to downtown Toronto is from the Olymic island. The island also is home to the Lagoon theatre and a large grassy field, ideal for picnis and BBQ.