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Hi - does anyone have accommodation to rent on the island from Nov 5-16? thankyou (please reply via my facebook page - Nicolas Lenskyj

Hi there! I am a member of the Public Health Students' Association at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (University of Toronto). We are hosting a retreat at Artscape Gibralter Point for students, faculty, and alumni. One of our guests has a sprained ankle, and as Artscape is a 25 minute walk from the ferry terminal, we were wondering if there are any accessibility options to get to Artscape. If you wouldn't mind letting me know as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much, Kathleen

is there a recycling/waste facility on the island? How is the recycling handled?

Hello, I am trying to contact a lost and found from hanlan\'s point as I have lost my car keys there last night at the electric island festival. They are a Mazda key with 3 silver house keys and a gym fob attached. Please contact me at 6472287734 thank u

Is the beach open on labour day or will the beach be closed?

With the humidex reaching 41°C today, I'm wondering if it would be okay to bring a screen tent to Ward's Island Beach, to provide a little shade and relief from the sun.

Can we bring alcoholic beverage or any other brevage / food at the beach?

Kayak rentals .., I know they are on the island... But WHERE? The only mentioning of rentals on the website is regarding bikes, however I have seen SUP rentals in various locations. Anyone have any info for me? Location for rentals, price etc?

Correction -Disc golf course is not located on ward's island rather it is spread between Snake island and Centre island. Let it be known that back in the 60's the City razed many beautiful homes along the boardwalk and all they could replace them with was a disc golf course - A real Toronto trajedy!!

My husband and I are sooooo excited about visiting Wards island again! The view of the sun sparkling on the waters brought tears to my eyes! Hopefully this time we'll see the other islands!! Oh wow, did I mention that I was excited? Lol

Went to visit Toronto Island today. We recommend buying your ticket online to save time by going to Booth 9. The ferry is only a 10 minute ride. When you arrive, take a picture of the times so you can time your departure without waiting. We enjoyed the Carousel Café - good serving size, reasonable price, and licensed café. Bring a beach towel, sunscreen and lots of water. Have fun!

So I left Toronto for the island realized I had my bfs walle. Called to ask if i could return without paying so he could buy his ticket the man on the phone was rude and hung up on me.

Yes, cash and debit and CC is accepted except at the bike rental where - last time i checked - there were no debit machines.

Just wondering if attendants for people in wheelchairs ride for free on the ferry?

Am I able to bring my stand up paddleboard on to the ferry?

Hi, do the restaurants and cafes accept credit cards?

re: typos. thanks for sending in corrections for typos, please keep them coming. I'm fixing them as I have time.

I was there yesterday August 4, 2016 and there was a guy at Hanlan's Point with and unleashed unmuzzled large pitbull which was in the water with swimmers. He also took it on the ferry. These are supposed to be banned province wide. To allow this on a crowded beach is insane.

About canoe rental: you can find hours and prices on this page:

Your website is littered with spelling mistakes.

How much does it cost to rent a canoe, a kayak, a paddle boat and a bike separately for an hour? Also is there a site to safely host a campfire for a group of friends?

Is drinking beer allowed on the islands?

Can I rent a canoe for 2 adults and one child age 6?

Re: Disability fares. You may have found this out already but those of us who are disabled, (I use a wheelchair), ride for free; I'm not sure if it is limited to physical disabilities.

Will bike rental and canoe rental be opened on monday?

Does centre island have barbecue grill like the ones at Hanlan's point? Thank you!

For the person asking about living on the island. Residential houses are on Ward's island (east end). Houses are not owned by residents - they are owned by the city as far as I know.

re: airport to island. There is no access from the airport to the island. You have to get back tot he mainland first then take a ferry (or other boat) to the island

Hello, if I land at billy bishop airport can I then walk out of the airport, and walk to the amusement park or do I need to get off the island and come back? Thanks.

Hello, Where to people live on the islands. where are the homes located? Where and what do seniors do? like to know more about living at centre island homes.

Are dogs allowed on any of the beaches??

Can I bring a double Chariot bike trailer onto the ferry?

Hi! I would like to bbq with some friends. We are a group of 15 persons. Can I use the BBQ grills that are in the park? Oscar

Are we able to bring our beach umbrella?

My 5-year old daughter has a disability certificate, and so does she get a discount for ferry ride and/or centreville admission? Thanks.

Are there designated smoking areas at centre island?

Hi, we as a group are going to visit central island this Friday, and we would like to play some volleyball on the island. Do we need to book anything? Do we need to bring our ball/net? Also, is there any area to play Fisbee particularly? And so we need to bring our own Fisbee Could you please get back to me as soon as possible? Thanks for the info in advance. May

Hi there, I am Wondering about ward island soccer field bookings. Is there a permit system for this, or just a drop in free-for all, or a combination of the two? Thank you!

I am 99% sure there are no skidoo rentals

There is a set of lockers by the ferry centre island docks - there may be more, anyone?

You can travel between the three main parts of the island - Wards, Centre, Hanlan's point - on foot or by bike - they are connected, no need to paddle or swim:)

Where do we go to Kyack or paddle boat?

I would like to visit Toronto Islands, but I would also like to travel between islands. Is this possble. If so how? For eg. I am on Wards Island but would like to go to Hanlan.

Is there a locker that I can hire for the day to store my backpack? If so where?

Are there sea doo rentals on the island or near by?

Alligators? LOL

Please contact the bike rental office directly for questions related to bike rental re: child seats, etc. thank you

Hi, I am looking to rent a couple canoes for July 13th for the day. It is work related to inspect a timber bridge on Wards island (COT project). How can I get in contract with your boat rental shop? and would you know if they have reservations?

Do you have bike with child seats or a child trailer? We have a 20 month old daughter.

i'd like to boat over to the island and go for dinner. are there docks where I can leave my boat, that are open to the public for a short period of time (1-2 hours)?

are smoking areas desgneted? some in our party would like to bring shisha, is that permitted?

Hello, I hope there are no reptiles like snakes (even if just the green ones) and alligators on the islands; also ticks and bees! Does anyone know, please?

The island map currently provided at the information booths has an error on it. Item 39 should be the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, NOT the Island Cafe.

The bike rental station is indeed not closed to the ferry docks. Not an ideal location for sure:(

Cars aren't allowed on the island. You need to park by the waterfront. It's expected and busy. Subway is better. It's a 15m walk from Union station. Not a nice family friendly walk though under highways.

You don't have to take another ferry for centreville etc. there is only one ferry

are there smoking areas provided on centre island

does the ferry boat take me all to centrevill, franklin garden the beaches too or do we have to take another boat to get there ?

Can i keep thr bike after the shop has closed and then drop it off before I leave ?

I am planning a trip with the kids to centre island amusement park. I am just wondering about parking? Is there a place to park? If so, how much? Is it better to stay at a hotel somewhere else and take the subway? Any info would help. Thanks!

I was on wards island yesturday night and lost my ipad mini in the dark. They made me get on the ferrie but is there a way to get it back? I know exactly where it is and is my only way of connecting. (Using friends device) it would mean a whole lot Thanks Claire

Hi is there wheel chairs available for rent on center island ?

It seems from the island map that the bicycle rental shop is on the opposite side of the island from the docks... is that right? It would make more sense to have it near the ferry docks so people don't have to walk to the far side of the island to pick one up & then walk across the island again to return the rentals. Maybe I read the map wrong.

Can a Gazebo be set up for a small group for rain or sun in Hanlan's Point by the baseball diamond..

None of the beaches at the island are designated "dog friendly" beaches. With Toronto having so much waterfront it's a shame so few beaches are dog friendly:(

Can dogs swim on any of the beaches?

We paddled to the Island this past weekend and were turned around at the Centre Island bridge due to Dragon Boat races. It is a lot of work to cross the Eastern Channel only to be denied access, for future reference is there a schedule that details closures of Long Pond? Thank you

Not sure about paddle boats....there are canoes and kayaks for sure

No, your luggage will likely not fit in the lockers- lockers are tiny, about 18x18x18"

Hi, Last year we went to Centre Island and happened to be there during some sort of festival. I believe it was an arts festival. We had the most amazing time and I am wondering if there is somewhere that lists any special events that are happening on the island?

Hi, Are peddle boats available to rent on the island?

Hi there, I'm planning a trip to Toronto this summer and I'd like to spend some time on Toronto Island upon my arrival to the city. My flight will be arriving in the morning but I cannot check into my hotel until 4pm. As such, I will have my backpack and carry-on rolling suitcase with me. I saw that your website indicated that there are lockers available on the island. I'm curious to know what size these lockers are. Would they be able to fit a carry-on sized suitcase?

What is there to do after 5pm on a Saturday? I understand the bike rentals close at 6. Is it usually possible to borrow a bike from the mainland side or are they usually all gone. It looks like it would be beautiful to ride from one end to the other etcetera but might be too far to walk. Any suggestions or advice for me?

swim? i only hope this is a joke! as a former lifeguard i can tell you that swimming to the islands is not an option. it's certainly possible but due to boat traffic you should not attempt a swim - large boats shouldn't be expected to look out for swimmers in the lake. large vessels cannot stop instantly and by the time they see you it may be too late. do not attempt to swim across!

Can I swim to the island instead of taking the ferry? please let me know

I was planning on having a bbq on the island. are we allowed to bring our own food? like buns, bugrers, hot dogs, etc??

can you get to the island by walking or only by ferry?

For BBQ in the park, if I bring my own charcoal portable BBQ stand, do I need a permit? Our family is only a group of 10 people.

It would be awesome if toronto island host festivals and parties all summer long more like Ibiza style i think it got lots of potential, hopefully the city would consider investing more in it

LOL, funny comment "I can't believe all the grammatical/spelling misteaks!" -- there is a spelling mistake in the comment itself :-)

Can you bring dogs to the beach?

Yes, rollerskating/rollerblading is allowed anywhere on the islands.

Good Day, Is it possible to rollerskate/ rollerblade on the island?

Hello! I am reaching out to see if you allow groups to come to the island to do cleanups or need other one day volunteers?

Hello, I am working for a travel agency and write touristic information for our clients. I wanted to know when the rental bike facilities will open in 2016, I have clients coming end of April... Thank you very much for your answer, Mélina Wolter

Are passengers able to bring their car across to Ward's island on the ferry during the winter? If so, what is the cost?

Is there no shuttle around the island anymore? Aging population needs this

You have to catch the ferry or a tender - there is no direct (dry) access from the airport to Hanlan's point

Hello, I have to be at Billy Bishop Airport and was wondering if it is possible to walk from the Airport to the docking area of Hanlan's Point, or if you would need to get off the island and take the Hanlan's point ferry - sorry I've never been to the Island before.